Жилой комплекс "BERLIN"


Multi-apartment residential complex "BERLIN" consists of 4 three-story buildings with a total area of 4.4 thousand m2, with underground parking and a swimming pool in the central area. The complex has 44 economy class apartments with small terraces. The architecture of the complex is an open courtyard "square" formed by two two-part blocks with transitional open galleries. The facades of the buildings are made of gray concrete with natural wood panels. The complex is located 100 kilometers from Barcelona, in a flat urban area, next to the bird park "Els Estanys".

Authors: V. Dontsov, T. Andreeva
Designed for New Time Real Estate S.L. construction company
Architect of record: Joan J. Homs I Casas.
Construction: EOTALGRUP SL
Structure: Estructuras ULTRA S.A.
Glazing: ALUMILUX S.L.U.
2016 - 2020