Жилой комплекс "MAS DE PALOL"


The multi-apartment residential complex “Mas De Palol” consists of a two-part block, two and three-story buildings with parking, with development deep into the site. The block was delivered with the separation of parts horizontally and vertically, taking into account the relief of the site. The complex has 7 luxury apartments with terraces. Swimming pool placed in a public walking area. The structure of the buildings is made with the ability to combine apartments in horizontal and vertical directions. Facades and roofs of buildings are made of white concrete. The complex uses advanced engineering life support systems. Facade glazing is made with panoramic windows of the new generation. Provided even distribution of daylight in all rooms. Much attention is paid to landscaping: between the parts of the block - private "green" yards, in the public area - a garden. The complex is located 100 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​on the slopes of the Mediterranean coast.

Authors: V. Dontsov, T. Andreeva
Designed for New Time Real Estate S.L. construction company
Architect of record: Joan J. Homs I Casas.
Construction: EOTALGRUP SL
Structure: Estructuras ULTRA S.A.
Glazing: ALUMILUX S.L.U.
2018 - г.